The south of the country is completely turned upside down once a year. It is then time for the annual carnival party. The “normal” life then stands still for a moment and everyone throws himself into the party. Carnival is also becoming increasingly popular in the rest of the Netherlands and here too it is celebrated in a way that only the southerners could do before.

When you really celebrate carnival, then you have a few days under the roof and, to be honest … how fun this is, it costs a few cents and then it is good to imagine that you want to borrow money for carnival, but what amount do you want.

Do it right or don’t do it …


Celebrate carnival is a good thing, or you don’t do it at all. The true carnival celebrator has several costumes to dress up, has enough budget to go out for dinner and also to give his or her friends a spin. But what if you are a true carnival, but unfortunately you don’t have the financial means to celebrate carnival?

You don’t go to your friends, because they really need their money for this festival. Well, then there is nothing else to do but skip a year….

Borrow money for carnival

Borrow money for carnival

Skipping a year is really not necessary. After all, you can borrow money for carnival in a very simple way. You do this by taking out a so-called mini loan. Another word for this is the flash loan, because you have the amount that you borrow very quickly in your account. You can easily arrange a mini loan online. You can borrow amounts up to a maximum of 1000 euros and applying for a mini loan will not cost you more than 5 minutes.

Can I also borrow without BKR verification?

Can I also borrow without BKR verification?

There is no creditworthiness test at the bkr in Tiel and you will not get a barrage of questions fired at you. Just enter a matter of your data and send it. Often the money will be in your account within a few hours. You repay the loan amount in 30 to 45 days.

The interest payment that you pay is low, because you borrow the money only very temporarily and the loan amount is relatively low. However, it may be that you have to pay extra costs if you really want the money in your account very quickly.

So do it or don’t do it


Borrowing money for carnival may also be an opportunity for you to join your group of friends and enjoy a few days of partying. Getting out of the ordinary for a few days and borrowing money for the carnival ensures that you can do this. Have fun anyway and happy days!